DMCA Disclaimer

We always comply with the DMCA and handle copyright issues as soon as we receive the request, usually within 8 hours.

We, at, picks the apps and games from the Google Playstore and help users to use them on Windows PC platforms.

  • We love our work and are always looking forward to the cooperation of the copyright management units of many applications such as FraudWatch International, PhisLabs Security Operations, CTM360 Cyber ​​…
  • There are many new applications the developer doesn’t allow sharing, so we accidentally updated this app on our platform. To request the removal of such applications, we hope that the copyright management and developer units will send me direct mail without having to send it to Cloudflare, Hosting, Domain.
  • We will always prioritize removal requests upon receipt and usually within 8 hours. We love our work and look forward to working together and we don’t want Cloudflare, Hosting remind.
  • Help us do our job well and we will always prioritize handling requests. All requests for an application, uninstall the application, send mail directly to the following email:

    Send the infringement notice to [email protected]

  • Thank you and have a nice day.